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Pet Cooling Mat, Washable, No Water or Refrigeration Needed

Pet Cooling Mat, Washable, No Water or Refrigeration Needed

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  • Advanced Cooling Material
  • Washing Machine Friendly
  • Portable and Durable


The pet cooling mat is tri-layered for comfort and functionality.

Top Layer: made of a cool, silk material, a breathable material that feels cool to the touch. It is designed to draw heat away from your dog's body and provide a comfortable resting spot.

Middle Layer: absorbent cotton. This middle layer helps to wick away moisture and keep your dog cool and dry.

Bottom Layer: breathable and slip-resistant. This helps to keep the mat in place and prevents your dog from slipping off.

The dog cooling mat is also designed to be durable and safe for your pet. The fine stitching throughout the mat helps to prevent tears and rips. The materials used to make the mat are chemical-free and machine washable, so you can easily keep it clean.

Another benefit of this dog cooling mat is that it is portable and convenient. The mat is lightweight and can be easily folded up for storage or travel. This makes it a great option for taking your dog with you on car rides, to the park, or to the beach.

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